Your Travel-Host Facilitator

My name is Aurora and one of my goals in life is to help share and spread the beauty of our world, both seen and unseen.  The World is a beautiful place - I seek to harmonize with all that is included in it. Between the natural beauty of the surroundings, the monuments left behind to 'mark' energy locations, and the cultures of the people living there today, the rewards for positive personal and spiritual growth are only limited to what the individual desires.

Join me on an adventure to Belize - swimming, diving, or fishing in the crystal-clear waters. Enjoy delicious cuisine, local customs and unique souvenirs. Hike thru the jungles to find special birds, the elusive jaguar or Mayan Temples/pyramids to climb. View the ancient ball-courts and seek meaning to the Mayan calendar. Go cave-tubing or hike thru dry caves to find where the Mayans held their ancient ceremonies -in the depths known to them as Xibalba.

Or Join me on an adventure to Greece. Explore ancient Athens with the famous Parthenon -(dedicated to the goddess Athena) on top of the Acropolis, visit the prison where Socrates was held until his execution, climb Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul preached to the masses, Visit the Hephaiston Temple dedicated to Apollo -the best preserved temple in Greece. Visit the many museums housing many national treasures such as the golden mask of Agammemnon, and other artifacts dating back over 5000 years! See the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which is still guarded today and has its customary changing of the guards every hour. Walk thru the streets of Plaka where the many shops and restaurants/tavernas will delight you with their treasures. Enter one of the many 13th-15th century Byzantine churches where the old art is still alive on the walls and ceilings, hear a concert in the oldest amphitheatre still working, and climb to the top of the cliff of Sounion, where the temple of Poseidon is located. Travel inland to the tops of Meteora and visit some of the oldest monasteries still in operation today. Hear the peace and tranquility in the theatre of Epidavrus also home to the first known healer - Asclepius who had every known herb grown here -as he was also said to be taught by the Centaurs in defiance to Zeus. Visit the statue of Leonidas - one of the greatest warriors ever to have lived, and travel to the temple of Delphi where Spirit still speaks - if only in the form of the wind thru the trees or an eagle's cry high above -reminding us to 'Know Thyself'.

With over 2000 islands to choose from each with individual charm cuisine and customs - it is almost hard to choose but I Love Santorini, home to the much controversial Atlantis. Its many wineries, museums and eateries will keep you coming back. The Beautiful vistas high from the cliffs overlooking the vivid blue waters are perfect for your morning and evening meals. The smooth black lava rocks at the beach of the all-too clear waters with the towering cliffs are a sight to behold. The famous red beach of Akrotiri with its turquoise blue waters contrasting the red lava sand is something Not to be missed.

Crete is like a country all in itself but has a connection to Santorini in regards to Atlantis. It too has a Very good museum in Iraklion connected with the nearby much visited Palace of Knossos. As well is the Historical Museum where the world-famous painter El Greco has works to be viewed. The Samaria Gorge, one of the largest in the world needs a whole day for hiking. The Lasithi Plateau is a scenic drive thru ancient windmills and ruins, where a local traditional restaurant awaits with a spectacular view and scrumptious food -not to mention the most affordable hand made souvenirs and special mountain-grown honey. Crete is also home to the many mountains and caves with spiritual and mythological significance -one being where Zeus was born and hidden as well as where Zeus in his older days brought the abducted Europa from Greece while in the form of a bull - where she bore him a son who later became King Minos. Crete has its own special beaches, foods, customs, and monuments - all signifying the uniqueness of its proud Peoples.

With so much to explore from the castles at the island of Rhodes, the temples at Naxos, and the windmills and kayaking excursions from the island of Milos -Greece will keep you hungry for more. Your journey might come to an end, but the magic and myth you will Never say good bye to.